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Simply Wonderful!
The Choice: Serial Killer, Suicide or Legend


One of the most fascinating books you will ever read. Guaranteed. 


This 800-plus page book chronicles the amazing life of Rock Riddle, professional wrestling's original "Mr. Wonderful." Although millions of people know his public persona, off camera Riddle has always been a very private person. That all changes now as Rock Riddle takes you behind the public image. In his words, "Welcome to my universe." The private life of the 4-time hall of fame recipient now goes public. The title is quite revealing: "SIMPLY WONDERFUL! - The Choice: Serial Killer, Suicide or Legend" And the description on the book cover - "An intimate and brutally honest autobiography" is, in fact, an understatement. 

Release date: Late Summer, 2024

Rock Riddle, My Pro Wrestling Life


Although the majority of Riddle's life will be exposed in the mid-2024 release of "Simply Wonderful! The Choice: Serial Killer, Suicide, or Legend," this book plans to take an even deeper look into his fascinating professional wrestling journey.

Release date: Late 2024/early 2025

How to Become a Magnet to Hollywood Success

ISBN- 1-890679-34-8

This book was an #1 Best Seller and actually outsold "Harry Potter" when Harry Potter was the best-selling book of all time - - - for just over an hour on 


The 3-DVD Hollywood Success Training System sold out. Both the book and the DVD set are difficult to find. E-mail us if you're interested in either and we'll see if we can locate a copy for you.

Hollywood Success


In his "spare time," Rock Riddle is writing an updated and much improved outgrowth of his #1 Best Seller, "How to Become a Magnet to Hollywood Success."

Much has happened in the entertainment industry since the "How to Become..." book was published. Rock has even greater insight and understanding now and feels an obligation to share his "secrets of success" with all who have the talent and passion to majorly succeed in entertainment.

Release date: TBA - Target release date is mid-2025

Watch for it. It can dramatically accelerate your success in the entertainment industry. 

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